Saturday, March 3, 2012

Asian Memories

Last night JL and I went out with some friends and somehow we began to reminisce about our past summer trip to China and southeast Asia.  It made me want to go all over again. The cultures were so rich everywhere we went and it was always interesting to learn about the history within each country. During the entire trip we learned about food, lifestyle, cultural beauty, and the not so beautiful, but what can I say... it's always an adventure when you're traveling. 

These are only a few of the memories I brought back with me. 

Anoche JL y yo salimos con unos amigos y empezamos a recordar el viaje que hicimos en el verano a China y al sur este de Asia. Con tantos recuerdos me dieron ganas de ir de nuevo. Cada país que íbamos tenia su propia cultura y siempre era interesante aprender un poco de la historia de cada país. Durante todo el viaje aprendimos sobre comida, estilo de vida, lo lindo de cada cultura y también lo no tan lindo, pero que puedo decir...el viajar siempre es una aventura.

 Estos solo son unos de mis tantos recuerdos del viaje. 

 Jade ring I got from a Jade museum in Beijing. 

Anillo de jade que adquiri en un museo de jade en Beijing. 
I found this bag made of 100% recycled materials at the mall at The Peak in Hong Kong.

Encontre este bolso en el mall de The Peak en Hong Kong hecho de material 100% reciclado. 

Jade necklace.

Collar de jade

I bought this dolly on a trip we made to Tokyo but that was a whole other trip from 2008. 

Compre esta monita en un viaje que hicimos a Japon en el 2008.


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  3. Very cute, it actually reminds me of a japanese doll I have which looks very similar. The Japanese always has such a knack for adorable creations.