Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Roses and Leopard

This morning I was heading out for school when I noticed some beautiful red roses resting on my windshield. I was very surprised and flattered at the same time and I thought who could have done this sweet deed so early in the morning? Of course I knew they were from JL and I immediately hugged him and thanked him when I saw him. He made me feel loved and special for the rest of the day.

En la mañana que iba saliendo hacia la escuela me di cuenta que avian unas hermosas rosas rojas sobre el tablero de mi camioneta. Me soprendi y me senti adulada a la misma vez y pense quien pudo haber hecho este lindo detalle tan temprano. Claro que de inmediato supe que fueron de JL y en cuanto lo vi lo abraze y le di las gracias. Hizo que me sintiera muy especial y querida el resto del dia.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall is Here!

Ever since I left on my trip to China and southeast Asia I've gotten into the terrible habit of not posting anything! I haven't exactly been lazy but I guess you could say a little of that goes into why I haven't. Mostly it's just been my default of bad time management and that I haven't made time to take photographs. With that said, I'm so excited because fall is finally here! I'm hoping the temperatures will begin to cool down a little so it can actually feel like fall. It's been harsh driving around in a black vehicle with no ac in temperatures of 90 degrees and above (don't ask!). I can't wait to actually begin wearing the fall inspired outfits I've been longing for.

Desde que regrese de mi viaje a China y el sur este de Asia he adoptado mal habito de no subir nada de posts! No es que me haya ganado la flojera, aunque esa es una de las minimas razones por las que no es subido nada, pero mas bien ha sido que no he sabido manejar bien mi tiempo y que no me he dado el tiempo para tomar fotos. Pero bueno, con eso dicho, estoy muy emocionada porque ha llegado el otoño! Espero que la temperatura empieze a bajar un poco. Ha sido muy duro tener que manejar en un auto negro sin aire acondicionado en temperaturas de 90 grados o mas. Ya quiero empesar a poder usar el guardaropa inspirado por otoño que tanto espero.

H&M cotton blouse.

H&M high waisted denims.

Marc Jacobs signature lamb bag.

MAC "So Chaud" lipstick.

I got this piggy ring at Kohl's today. I loved it!

Miss Me studded pumps.

This vintage coin necklace was passed down from my grandmother to me, which is the best part. It's become one of my favorites.

Thrifted chain belt.

Ivory ring JL brought me from his trip to South Africa.