Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Roses and Leopard

This morning I was heading out for school when I noticed some beautiful red roses resting on my windshield. I was very surprised and flattered at the same time and I thought who could have done this sweet deed so early in the morning? Of course I knew they were from JL and I immediately hugged him and thanked him when I saw him. He made me feel loved and special for the rest of the day.

En la maƱana que iba saliendo hacia la escuela me di cuenta que avian unas hermosas rosas rojas sobre el tablero de mi camioneta. Me soprendi y me senti adulada a la misma vez y pense quien pudo haber hecho este lindo detalle tan temprano. Claro que de inmediato supe que fueron de JL y en cuanto lo vi lo abraze y le di las gracias. Hizo que me sintiera muy especial y querida el resto del dia.

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