Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School and Eileen West Dress

Summer break is officially over and now I am back to my regular, hectic lifestyle, although summer was not too much different. I know I could have continued to enjoy the semi- break I had, but I am pretty excited about the classes I will be taking this semester. Photography and History of Fashion I think will be my favorites with French Composition following and then the two other writing courses I will be taking. I expect to become a fashion historian and great photographer by the end of this semester. Hopefully you will see at least a slight improvement in my photos!

El verano termino y ahora regreso a mi vida normal, pero de todas formas estoy emocionada por las clases que llevaré el semestre que inicia. Fotografía e Historia de la Moda son mis favoritas sin dejar atras Francés y otras dos cursos de escritura que llevaré. Espero tener mas conocimientos de la historia de la moda y mejorar mis habilidades de fotografia al final del semestre, espero lo puedan notar en mis proximas fotos! Hasta pronto! 

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